Between Heaven and Here by Susan Straight

$ 15.00

No one's ever fallen out of love with Glorette Picard, with her black waterfall of hair and skin gold as a mothwing. Fine as wine and just my kind, they call her. Gilt, they call her. Still, when they drive by the alley where she works every night, they call her other things.

Now Glorette's body is found in that alley, folded up in a shopping cart. Before the dry creek swells and the orange groves blossom, Rio Seco, California will bury the most beautiful woman who ever walked its streets. Susan Straight, "a writer of exceptional gifts and grace" (Joyce Carol Oates), reveals the loyalty, the dark history, and the love that runs through the veins of a hidden America.




8.5 in X 6 in X .75 in

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